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“Education is the backbone of every country”

Cruzada Por Los Niños has maintained a scholarship program since the end of 2007 in which tuition, transportation, as well as room and board are offered to 25 people in order for them to be able to study (grade school, vocational training or university studies) which helps them to gain access to the working world in order to help their villages out of poverty. The majority of the students receiving scholarships already have great determination as they fight for their lives, the lives of their family, and certainly for the lives of the people in their community and at the end of the day, for their country. The majority of them work full time and have children, yet they are magnificent students. An extremely notable, common attribute shared among the students is that almost all of their studies are geared toward improving their society. There are various teachers who educate the children in their own communities, one of whom has achieved becoming the editor for a book of poetry, a student of journalism, economists, etc.

Every year we get together in Mozambique with such students to observe their progress, to see how everything is going for them, and to evaluate whether or not they continue to fulfill the requirements of their scholarship award.

In 2008, we awarded scholarships to 25 people to give them the ability to attend universities and to complete professional courses. In 2009, we continued lending our support to the 25 from 2008, and then increased the scholarship awards by five, and it is our intention to continue to maintain this support in the future.