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Cruzada por los Niños (Crusade for the Children) has signed a collaborative agreement with the CIS – The College for International Studies, which enables CIS students to be actively involved in the projects the NGO develops. When required, and when they so choose, students travel to Mozambique to participate in our projects on the ground.

CIS faculty and staff also take part in these projects by teaching the necessary methodology to impart their classes as support to the formative and professional development of educational projects in underdeveloped areas, or by taking part in the coordination and development of these projects.

Since the end of 2006, we have traveled to Mozambique and have worked with Casa do Gaiato, Mozambique, an organization which opened that same year.

In 1991, the Mozambique government asked for help in order to solve the problem of the increase in orphans after the recent civil war.  Casa do Gaiato takes in, educates, and protects such children to prepare them for a more dignified future. At the same time, it also works to help them integrate into society, encouraging them to participate in the process, thusly improving the community.

We have taken various trips to Mozambique to monitor the progress of each of our projects, and to seek new ways to collaborate in the future. CIS has included in its academic curriculum the elective “Mozambique Service Project” course, worth two (2) academic credits. This course is recognized and accredited by the Endicott College, in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA.

Students who sign up for the course are encouraged to go to Mozambique and do a project on the cooperation programs Cruzada por los Niños carries out in the country. The project is tutored by a CIS professor who travels with the students and guides them throughout the duration of the project.