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Developing Soccer and Achievement Academies. Real Madrid Foundation

On November 23rd, 2011, Crusade for the Children signed a collaboration agreement with the Real Madrid Foundation to develop soccer and achievement academies in Mozambique.

Both institutions proposed to develop an innovative and sustainable project in Mozambique. The project is developed in various phases whose objective is to contribute in the most important areas of childhood, development and education. One of the most prominent areas in developing this being sport, in this case soccer.

The local partner is the non-profit Tico School Association, run by Mozambique´s ex-soccer player Tico-Tico. Its objective is the promotion of sport and education.

The signing took place in the Press Room of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and was attended by; the President of Real Madrid; María Díaz de la Cebosa, President of Cruzada por los Niños; Manuel Bucuane (Tico-Tico), President of Tico School; Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid; Pepe, a soccer play of Real Madrid; Carlos Sousa, Vicepresident of Youth and Sports of the Government of Mozambique; Fernanda Moises Lichale, the ambassador of Mozambique in Spain, and Eduardo López Busquets, the ambassador of Spain in Mozambique.

The project, Creation of Soccer and Achievement Academies in Mozambique, will be developed according to the model established by the Real Madrid Foundation and will serve to provide the children and youth in disadvantaged areas with a global education using sport,  dance, music, painting, theater, and of course while teaching life values.

In the first phase, a school was built in the village of Massaca and at the orphanage, Casa do Gaiato, in the district of Boane, province of Maputo. Later, another one will be constructed in the city of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

The following actions will take place:

  • Technical support in the identification, planning, periodic follow-up, and annual evaluation of the Project.
  • Development of the Program for Training of Soccer Coaches, including follow-up.
  • Collaboration in the mobilization of resources for the Project.
  • Communication and dissemination of information about the schools.
  • Institutional support from Real Madrid for its global development.